Our cattle are pasture raised and not penned up to grow fat.  They have a great life grazing on grass and laying under the oak trees for their entire life.  They are supplemented with natural feeds along the way to help them grow.   They are given corn for the last few months to put on some bulk before processing.  We never treat the animals with hormones and they are not given antibiotics in their feed.  They live a natural life out in the field. 

We sell the live animal by the quarter.  The beef is then processed, dry-aged for about 14 days, vacuumed packed and labeled.  The amount of beef, depending upon the animal, averages about 120 lbs. per quarter.  You can purchase more than a quarter and, in some cases, if we can match you with another, down to an eighth of beef.  Our quarter beef price is $900.00 which includes processing, packaging, freezing, and delivery to your door.  If you would like to get on our waiting list please give Jennifer a call (813-495-6812).